1. displace, replace, supplant, succeed, supersede; discontinue, cut out, withdraw, terminate, cancel, Inf. scrub; abandon, suspend, give up, cease to use, disuse, put away, lay or set aside, push aside; put a stop to, put an end to, bring to an end, Inf. kibosh, Inf. put the kibosh on, Inf. kill, Sl. zap, Sl. wipe out, Sl. shoot down, Sl. KO, Sl. scrag; replace, trade in, have done with, give over, put behind one, dispense with.
2. obsolete, antiquate, superannuate, let fall into disuse, retire, shelve, put on the shelf, put in mothballs, Inf. sideline.
3. discard, jettison, throw away or out, cast off or aside, get rid of, abandon, say goodby to, bid farewell to, Inf. chuck Inf. scrap, Inf. junk, Inf. trash, Inf. dump, Inf. toss in the trash or on the junkheap, Inf. put on the scrap heap or pile, Inf. give [s.t.] the old heave-ho.
4. go out of style, become obsolete, obsolesce, come to an end, lapse, become extinct, run its course, lose favor or popularity, be all over; fall by the wayside, fall into disuse; expire, die, be no more, Inf. come to the end of the line

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